• Statement:

    I have always been fascinated by the way people borrow and build their identities from the things that surround them. Characters generated by popular media inhabit our lives as readily as real people do, and we constantly use both as guides to our identities. This relationship between our portrayal of self and our perception of others drives this process of continual creation. We do not borrow exclusively or singularly, but rather we sample and adopt myriad tropes from persons both real and represented. However, these characters and celebrities are often disseminated to millions of viewers and can have an impact on not only individuals, but often the entire culture’s standard for appropriate or expected behavior.

    My work strives to draw attention to this exchange between designed characters and personal sense of identity by focusing on the ways these figures have influenced my own vision of self. As a man growing up in America I was affected by a culturally unique and constant stream of depictions regarding the ideal way to be a man. They range in degrees of depth and originality and address aspects of existence such as speech, behavior, and romance. However, they cannot realistically be emulated as they belong to a fictitious world. They build on lofty ideals that are attached to heroes and villains, comedians, and epic lovers, and yet each and every one of them informs some aspect of my persona. I do not think I am alone in this. This is not necessarily an inherently bad thing. But awareness of the influence of popular media is not built into our current consumption of it.

    How actively do we curate what we expose ourselves to? Where is our hand in selecting our influences? By exaggerating or infiltrating various elements of my personal life that have been touched by popular media, I want my viewers' attention to be pushed toward the ways we have each incorporated and interacted with popular media in our daily lives. This is not simply a focus on pop culture’s influence over me, but also on the ways I have responded, by recreating myself and my world view based on my exposure to it. My subjects have ranged between characters from Hollywood films to celebrity icons and they have infiltrated my journals, home videos, belief systems, politics, applications, and conversations. I am trying to make the impact of popular media on my life visible so that my audience can question the ways their lives and selves have been shaped as well.

    781 929 8428 / camden.s.place@gmail.com / www.placecamden.com / Brooklyn, NY

    2012 American University, MFA
    2007 Dartmouth College, BA Studio Art

    Vox X
    Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, curated by Matthew Brannon and Howie Chen
    Silber Art Gallery at Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, Curated by Laura Asmussen
    A Superficial Sacrament
    Rotunda Gallery, American University, Washington, DC
    The Signified Man
    A Collaboration with Dan Perkins and Victoria Greising, Delicious Spectacle, Washington, DC
    Under Oath
    Gallery 102, George Washington University, Washington, DC

    EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD, Curated by Carly Bales
    Memories: 1985-2000 (SOLO)
    Outer Space, Washington, DC
    Transformer Auction
    Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
    (e)merge Art Fair
    Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC

    Cross Mackenzie Gallery, Washington, DC, Curated by Rebecca Cross
    On the Surface
    ArtDC Gallery, Hyattsville, MD, Curated by Grayson Heck
    Academy 2012
    Conner Contemporary Art, Washington, DC, Curated by Jamie Smith
    Against the Grain
    ArtDc Gallery, Hyattsville, MD, Curated by Grayson Heck

    Nine Degrees
    Katzen Museum, Washington, DC, Curated by Luis Silva
    Hand Picked
    ArtDC Gallery, Hyattsville, MD
    The Art of Time
    Katzen Museum, Washington, DC
    1st Year MFA Exhibition
    Katzen Museum, Washington, DC, Curated by Don Kimes
    Sudden Space
    Popup Gallery Space, Arlington, VA
    Drawing Undefined
    Rotunda Gallery – Katzen Art Center, Washington DC

    2014 Co – Curated Shiver, an exhibition of Amy Hughes and Alex Braden and Pamela Hadley, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington DC
    Co – Curated Ghosted, an exhibition of Evan Hume and Sean Healy, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington DC
    2013 Co –Curated A Tale of Two Suns, an exhibition of Chris Rackley and Bonner Sale, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington DC
    Co-Curated Trusion, an exhibition of Greg Braun and Lindsay Rowinski, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington DC
    Co-Curated Consolidated Landscapes, an exhibition of Brad Birchett, Travis Childers, Robert Long, Matthew Shelley, Jassie Rios and Renee van der Stelt, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington, DC
    2012 Curated Trophy Room, solo exhibition by Zak Willis, at Delicious Spectacle, Washington, DC
    Co-Founded Delicious Spectacle, Washington, DC

    2013 Next Up DC, Hosted by The Intentional and Be You, Be Sure, The Dunes, Washington, DC
    We Run DC: How artist DIY projects are shaping contemporary art in DC, Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, DC
    2012 Packaging Yourself: Putting it All Together, The Studio Visit and Cultural DC at Flashpoint Gallery, Mead Theatre Lab, Washington, DC

    2011 Marian Rich Conley Art Award, American University
    Melon Grant for Graduate Research, American University

    2012-2014 Adjunct Faculty, American University, Washington, DC
    2010-2012 Teaching Assistant, American University, Washington, DC
    2007-2010 Art Faculty, Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ
    2006-2007 Summer Program Faculty, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

    2014 Mississippi Modern, DIY Art Space – Interviewing Delicious Spectacle, by Nathan Mullins, http://ms-modern.com/art/diy-art-space-an-interview-with-delicious-spectacle/
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